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Dear Victoria by Chachah

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Rainy Day Rainy Day by Pushkar
Quake, Rattle & Roll Quake, Rattle & Roll by Beth Rosengard
christmas gift christmas gift by lemplik
Cabinete Cabinete by 3DPaz
White Blossums 09 White Blossums 09 by Kraellin
Motor Spindle Motor Spindle by Vladimir Golovin

This is really a fantastic piece of software, I highly recommend everyone checking it out if you're into pattern/texture map creation.

Neil Blevins
Technical Director
Feature Films

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“So often software will advertise one thing and not deliver. Your program not only delivers but does it with ease.”

David Hoisington

“Filter Forge is an incredibly powerful new Photoshop Plugin. It's simply amazing. It gives you the power to create your own filters (you must run them from inside Filter Forge though) without any programming knowledge at all.”

Enrique Flouret

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