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Quake, Rattle & Roll

Quake, Rattle & Roll by Beth RosengardQuake, Rattle & Roll by Beth Rosengard

Quake, Rattle & Roll
by Beth Rosengard, June 2014.
Tools: Filter Forge, Photoshop CC

Author's Comments

I created this image in response to a challenge called "Urban Abstraction Deconstruction" which was posted by a group on Flickr. My starting concept was to use the "Top Secret" filter to evoke an earthquake. (I live in Southern California!)

Two photographs were used to create the final image: the first one of the mini mall and a second of a cloudy sky. Two different FF filters were used on each.

The mall was processed first with the "Gouache" filter and then with "Top Secret" over the "Gouache." What you're seeing is the unshredded "Gouache" layer peeking through the shredded "Top Secret/Gouache" layer, which is above. I also did a lot of modification to the "Top Secret" filter layer in order to get rid of all white and matte grey areas and I additionally removed some of the filter results at the top of the buildings.

The grey sky was then masked out and the cloudy sky photo inserted. Both "trichloroethylene–bath" and "Noise Distortion" were added to the original photo and the "color burn" blend mode in Photoshop was used to combine the two.

Filters Used in This Work


This filter requires Filter Forge 3.0

Top Secret

Top Secret


This filter requires Filter Forge 2.0

Noise Distortion

Noise Distortion