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It wasn't me!

It wasn't me! by CarlIt wasn't me! by Carl

It wasn't me!
by Carl, May 2009.
Tools: Filter Forge, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Old Ricoh Film Camera, Canon MP630

Author's Comments

A photo of a friends twins, scanned from a 10x15cm film print with a Cannon MP630 into Photoshop CS4, spot healed, sharpened, tone and cross balanced, followed by the use of several control points to adjust contrast for correction and depth.

One of the girls had committed a misdemeanor that no glue could fix, both denied the offence and pointed the finger at the other. The light of guilt falls on one of the suspects but is she the real culprit?The house is a wonderful aladdin's cave, crammed with an eclectic jumble of salvaged and recycled rarities of pre - pre - pre loved oddities. Creating a maze of clutter with little hope of avoiding one day causing an avalanche with the tinkling of breaking glass.

Ran it through Filter Forge using Angel Wash filter with an average colour frame then history brushed back areas and duplicated the layer. A modified version of Crapadilla's Ice Age was applied to one of the duplicates and freehand erased in chosen areas, overlayed at quarter opacity and merged with other layer.

Filters Used in This Work