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Filter Forge 2.0 – What's New

We have released the long-anticipated second version of Filter Forge. Explore the new possibilities offered by the new powerful Filter Forge and take your creativity to the next level! Filter Forge 2.0 features new lighting options and shadows via ambient occlusion, support for scripting and over 40 new components for creating filters, full HDR support that drastically enhances the level of realism, and much more. Photoshop CS5 and Elements 7 have been added as supported host applications.

New Photorealistic Lighting

Ambient Occlusion

Shadows via Ambient Occlusion

Filter Forge 2.0 takes you beyond the photorealism barrier with its fast and easy-to-use Ambient Occlusion. This shadowing technique calculates how much environmental light can reach a certain point of a surface, and darkens that point accordingly. It's mathematically accurate, it's seamless, and it dramatically enhances the level of realism. Read More...

Point and Area Lights

Point/Area Lights

Filter Forge 2.0 lets you create any number of point or area lights that allow you to specify how exactly you want your texture to be lit. You can set up almost any lighting you want – create multiple light sources, make shadows darker by setting negative lights, use 360-degree rotation, and much more. Read More...

New Lighting Options

New Lighting Options

We have completely redesigned the Lighting tab to provide an easier access to the new lightning options. The new interface allows you to adjust all the lighting elements – HDRI environment, surface height, point/area lights, ambient lighting, and ambient occlusion – using a simple unified interface. Read More...

Unlimited HDR Colors

HDR Colors

Full HDR Support

Filter Forge 2.0 supports high dynamic range (HDR) colors across its entire rendering pipeline, from input images through components to rendered results. Over 60% of Filter Forge components now support HDR colors with unlimited channel values, both positive and negative. You are free to use colors as bright as you want – the Sun's the limit! Read More...

Color Inspector

Color Inspector

Color Inspector is a tool that shows the exact RGB output values of any map component, right in the Filter Editor. It fully supports unlimited HDR colors and can show any value – huge or small, positive or negative. This tool is essential for debugging and fine-tuning complex filters. Read More...

Free Transforms, Shapes, and Particles

Bomber Component

Bomber Component

The new Bomber is an incredibly versatile, very fast component that lets you spray multiple image particles in a controlled manner – it lets you specify over 30 particle placement, coloration and randomization parameters, most of which can be mapped with images – which gives you tons of creative power! The Bomber component has an HDR-enabled counterpart which can accept and output HDR colors but has fewer blending modes. Read More...

Transform Components

Transform Components (Scale, Rotate and More)

Filter Forge 2.0 includes four new transform components (Scale, Rotate, Flip and Lookup), as well as an updated version of the Offset component. Most inputs of these new components, including point coordinates, can be specified by very large values and can be mapped with components that output HDR colors. Imagine the possibilities! Read More...

Polygon and Ellipse Components

Polygon and Ellipse Components

Filter Forge 2.0 now includes a Polygon component which lets you generate symmetrical N-gons and stars with adjustable round corners, and an Ellipse component that generates circles and ellipses. These seemingly simple components have a lot of mappable inputs, so their titular shapes can be easily morphed into a variety of other things, often quite unexpected. Read More...

Free Gradients and Shapes

Free Gradients and Shapes

Filter Forge 2.0 now includes a versatile Free Gradient component with three gradient modes (Linear, Radial and Angular) and arbitrary endpoint coordinates that can be mapped with HDR values. Besides, non-seamless versions of the Ellipse and Polygon components and a brand-new Free Rectangle component are not constrained by the image boundaries. Read More...

Math and Scripting

Lua Scripting

Filter Forge 2.0 introduces probably the most significant improvement in its history – scripting! Basically, scripting allows you to implement your own components with custom inputs and internal logic. Scripts in Filter Forge 2.0 are written in Lua, a blazing-fast scripting language held by numerous developers as a number one choice for embedded scripting. Read More...

RGB Math Components

RGB Math Components

Filter Forge 2.0 includes 24 new RGB Math components that operate on RGB color channels include arithmetic, trigonometry, power, roots and logarithms, rounding, conditional operations, linear interpolation and directional derivatives. Due to the newly-added support for unlimited HDR colors, these new components can operate on unlimited numeric values from tiny fractions to trillions, positive or negative. Read More...

Other Additions

Instant Filter Search

Instant Filter Search

To make life easier for people with large filter collections, Filter Forge 2.0 introduces an instant filter search that lets you quickly find filters as you type, searching filter names, descriptions, authors and keywords, and displaying the results immediately. No more fuss with the categories – just type what you want and get it in less than a second! Read More...

Median, Minimum, Maximum and Percentile Components

Median, Minimum, Maximum and Percentile Components

With these new components, you can now perform minimum, median, maximum and custom-percentile filtering. The Median and Percentile components are especially handy for creating a wide variety of artistic effects, thanks to their ability to simplify the source image by removing small details while preserving the edges. Read More...

Non-Seamless filters

Non-Seamless Filters

Since the beginning, Filter Forge was all about seamless textures. But times are changing – Filter Forge 2.0 is no longer confined to seamlessly-tiled filters. Unrestricted, non-tiled textures and effects are now first-class citizens of Filter Forge. Support for non-seamless filters enables long-requested features: unrestricted transforms (Scale, Rotate, Offset, Flip and Lookup) and non-tiled Free Gradient, Ellipse, Polygon and Rectangle components. Read More...

Class is going REALLY well! They are loving your stuff.

(after showing Filter Forge to a class at Adobe MAX 2009)

Russell Brown
Senior Creative Director
Adobe Inc.

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“It's a powerful and logical way of creating effects that's relatively easy to learn by seeing how other effects are built. Creating filters from scratch is time-consuming, but for a wider user group, it's a great way to modify already-created effects.”

Neil Bennett
Digital Arts

“For 3D modelers, Filter Forge is a dream come true. It creates seamless textures with a single mouse click. The professional version creates the following map types for any texture: bump, normal, specular strength, specular exponent, diffuse, metallic, and alpha. The same filter can be used to generate any resolution, since filters are procedural.”

Bob Nolin

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