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New Lighting Options

Improving upon the already impressive lighting capabilities of its previous version, Filter Forge 2.0 introduces a set of new options that give you more creative freedom in lighting design:

Redesigned Lighting Interface

To accommodate these new features, we have completely redesigned the Lighting tab in Filter Controls. The new interface allows you to adjust all lighting elements – HDRI environment, surface height, point/area lights, ambient lighting, and ambient occlusion – using a simple unified interface. The new lighting control represents the entire lighting setup as several selectable elements, with the properties for the selected element displayed below the control.

Selecting the HDRI Environment sphere lets you adjust environment parameters such as rotation and brightness, as well as Surface Height:

HDRI lighting

Selecting the Ambience band around the environment sphere lets you adjust the color of the Ambient Light and parameters of ambient and reflective occlusion:

Ambient lighting

And finally, selecting any of the Lights lets you adjust their colors and properties:

Lighting elements

This is really a fantastic piece of software, I highly recommend everyone checking it out if you're into pattern/texture map creation.

Neil Blevins
Technical Director
Feature Films

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“I needed rock textures and instead of the usual day it takes me to make one, I was able to make 20! Again – applause to you all.”

David Hoisington

“I really like Filter Forge, I seem to find new uses for it constantly. The 2.0 upgrade looks great, HDR will be really welcome.”

Jared Martin
3D and Visual Effects Artist

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