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Transform Components

Back in the time of version 1.0, many Filter Forge newbies were genuinely confused by the absence of basic, elementary graphic operations like Scale, Rotate or Flip. We didn't include them into Filter Forge 1.0 because some of these operations (namely Scale and Rotate) don't support seamless tiling, but we felt that their absence was a serious drawback. Since this limitation is gone with the introduction of non-seamless filters, Filter Forge 2.0 now includes three new transform components (Scale, Rotate and Flip), an updated version of the famous Offset component, and a brand-new Lookup component known on the forums as Absolute Offset.

It may be surprising, but these five components are the real reason why we introduced unlimited HDR colors in Filter Forge 2.0. Most inputs of these new components, including the coordinates of origin points for rotation and scaling, can be specified by very large values, positive or negative – for example, you can have a flip axis placed five trillion pixels to the right of the image's boundary – and, as you may have guessed, these inputs can be mapped with components that output HDR colors. Imagine the possibilities!


This component has been requested so often it's not even funny, and we are really glad that it's finally implemented officially. Due to its nature, Rotate does not support seamless tiling – filters that use this component will have the Seamless Tiling checkbox disabled (unless Rotate is plugged into a "seamlessizer" input such as Kaleidoscope's Source.) The rotation angle and both coordinates of the origin point are adjustable and can be mapped with HDR values. In the example below, we use the Rotation component to emulate Photoshop's "Twirl" effect by mapping the rotation amount with a radial gradient:



As the name implies, the Scale components scales the source image. The scale factor and both coordinates of the origin point are adjustable and can be mapped with HDR values. Due to its nature, the component does not support seamless tiling. Be careful when scaling the output of bitmap-based components such as Blur, Sharpen or Median – when the scale factor approaches zero, the Scale component may hog all your RAM and crash Filter Forge due to a problem we internally call a "cache explosion" (we're still figuring out how to deal with it, but don't worry – most likely, no physical explosions will occur!) In the example below, we map the scale factor with an angular gradient:

Scale component
Mapping the scale factor with an angular gradient


The Offset component was (and still is) one of the most powerful and widely-used components in Filter Forge 1.0. This is an updated version of the component that improves upon its famous predecessor – the offset amount is now unlimited for both axes and can be mapped with HDR values. The component fully supports seamless tiling.


Not much to say about this one – it just flips the source image horizontally or vertically, as you would expect. The coordinates of the flip axis are adjustable and can be mapped with HDR values. The component fully supports seamless tiling.

Flip component


Requested by our users years ago, this component is known on Filter Forge forums as an "Absolute Offset". The component fully supports seamless tiling. Basically, it outputs whatever color it finds in its Source input at the specified coordinates, Lookup X and Lookup Y. When the coordinates are specified by constants, Lookup acts as a simple color picker, filling its entire output with the color it samples from the source input. But the real power of this component lies in the ability to map both its coordinates with other components, including those that output HDR colors – this way Lookup can serve as a powerful engine for various image transformations. In the example below, we use Lookup with two Free Gradients to create a polar coordinates transform:

Lookup component
Lookup with two Free Gradients

Class is going REALLY well! They are loving your stuff.

(after showing Filter Forge to a class at Adobe MAX 2009)

Russell Brown
Senior Creative Director
Adobe Inc.

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