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Instant Filter Search

When we designed the Filter Forge user interface and the filter storage system, we built it to handle about 100 filters in total – but the number turned out to be a gross underestimate. Filter Forge got so popular that we exceeded that estimate in our first month online! At the moment of this writing, there are already over 6500 filters in our Filter Library, and this number keeps growing every day! And after we hit the first thousand, we knew we had a problem.

Many of our users have literally thousands of filters downloaded into Filter Forge. And any of them will tell you that trying to locate a filter among a thousand others with no ability to search is a royal pain. Some people even resorted to searching filters through our website and reopening them into Filter Forge!

To make life easier for people with large filter collections, Filter Forge 2.0 introduces an instant filter search that lets you quickly find filters as you type:

Instant Filter Search

The right-click menu for search results now includes a "Locate Category" command to help you quickly locate the filter in the category list:

Locate Category

When you type in a search term, Filter Forge tries to locate it in the following fields within a filter:

  • Filter Name (e.g. "Organics")
  • Author (e.g. "Vladimir Golovin")
  • Filter keywords
  • Filter description
  • Numeric filter ID

So, no more fuss with the categories – just type what you want and get it in less than a second!

This is really a fantastic piece of software, I highly recommend everyone checking it out if you're into pattern/texture map creation.

Neil Blevins
Technical Director
Feature Films

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“Chief among my pleasures is Filter Forge, which I've been ranting (positively) and raving (voraciously) about ever since it entered my life.”

Resident Enlightenment Manager Linden Lab, makers of virtual world Second Life

Filter Forge is an excellent filter creation tool with a strong community spirit that will enhance your Photoshop creations.”

Nick Mead

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