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PBR Scratched Metal

PBR Scratched Metal (Texture)

This filter requires Filter Forge 5.0


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Author: Elentor

Filter Details

  • Downloads: 596
  • Requires Filter Forge 5.0
  • Submitted: Apr 20, 2016
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (4)


A PBR Roughness/Gloss Map Renderer that generates scratched metal surfaces. Very similar to actual gloss maps taken from real life scans of Aluminum, Iron, Gold and Steel surfaces. Check the Forum Thread for 3D Rendered samples.


PBR, Metal, Texture, Map, Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Tungsten, Gold, Reflection, Gloss, Roughness, Albedo, Specular, Rust, Stain, Stained


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Filter Controls

  • Gloss
  • BG Soft Smudge
  • BGSS Alpha
  • BGSS Roughness
  • BGSS Scale 1
  • BGSS Scale 2
  • BG Rough Stains
  • BGRS Alpha
  • BG Brushed
  • BGB Alpha
  • BG Noise
  • BGN Alpha
  • Dark Lines Small
  • DLS Alpha
  • DLS Distorted
  • DLSD Strength
  • DLS Tiny
  • DLST Scale
  • DLST Density
  • DLST Amount
  • DLST Mask Alpha
  • DLS Large
  • DLSL Scale
  • DLSL Density
  • DLSL Amount
  • DLSL Mask Alpha
  • Dark Lines Long
  • DLL Alpha
  • DLL Main Lines
  • DLLM Scale
  • DLLM Density
  • DLLM Amount
  • DLLM Mask Alpha
  • DLL Large Lines
  • DLLL Scale
  • DLLL Density
  • DLLL Amount
  • DLLL Distortion
  • DLLLD Strength
  • Bright Lines
  • BL Alpha
  • BL Small
  • BLS Scale
  • BLS Density
  • BLS Amount
  • BLS Mask Alpha
  • BLS Mask Gamma
  • BLS Distortion
  • BLSD Strength
  • BL Large
  • BLL Scale
  • BLL Density
  • BLL Amount
  • BLL Mask Alpha
  • BLL Mask Scale