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Local Vortices v2

Local Vortices v2 (Texture)

This filter requires Filter Forge 5.0


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Author: Indigo Ray

Filter Details

  • Downloads: 1325
  • Requires Filter Forge 5.0
  • Submitted: Feb 05, 2016
  • Usage Rank: Low
  • Comments (11)


"Local" means that the vortices rotate the input image about each vortex's center, not about the image's center. In other words, this filter makes lots of swirls everywhere!––-Now with Seamless Tiling! But keep the image square.––- Tip: Negate "strength" to rotate in the opposite direction.––-Tip: For large strengths, turn ON anti-aliasing and set to "All pixels". Otherwise, turn it OFF for speed.––-Tip: Keep "size, pixels" locked at maximum value. Use "vortex size" instead.


swirl, spin, jupiter, saturn, vortex, vortices, vortecies, gas, planet, fluid, liquid, storm, clouds, turbulent, turbulence, snippet

Filter Controls

  • Noise/Lines/Image
  • Vortex Size
  • Strength
  • 1-way / 2-way