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Mappable Checkbox Inputs

Many Filter Forge components haven't been updated since version 1.0. Filter Forge 6.0 updates over 30 existing components by converting their checkbox inputs into mappable checkboxes, a newly introduced input type. This gives filter authors more flexibility by allowing parameter mapping, the foundational principle of Filter Forge, to be applied to component parameters defined by checkboxes, as shown in the example below.

In addition to greater flexibility in filter design, this change makes the updated components more compatible with slave components introduced in Filter Forge 5.0 – now you can plug the output of slave components into the "newly-greenified" checkbox inputs!

Newly-greenified checkbox inputs

Full List of Updated Components:

Component Inputs converted to green
Circular Arc Invert
Bias Invert
Brightness / Contrast Preserve Color
Get Alpha Invert
Extract HSB Invert
Extract HSY Invert
Extract HLS Invert
Extract RGB Invert
Extract Lab Invert
Set Alpha Invert Alpha
Checker Solid Fill, Inclined
Elevation Gradient Flip
Flip Flip X, Flip Y
Free Polygon Fit Radius
Gain Invert
Gamma Invert
Gaussian Invert
High Pass Monochrome
Impulse Smooth, Invert
Invert Invert
Invert Invert
Levels Preserve Color
Linear Invert
Polygon Fit Radius
Noise Gradient Vertical
Profile Gradient Mirror
Repeat Mirror
Reverse Reverse
Sharpen Preserve Color
Stairs Linear, Invert
Step Linear, Invert
Tone Curve Preserve Color
Wave Invert, Randomizable

Filter Forge's amazing node based editor has been invaluable in giving us the power to create textures that make the most of today's real-time pixel shaders.

Karl Wickens
Visual Effects Lead Artist
Electronic Arts

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