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Value Control Component

Filter Forge 2.0 introduces a new type of control component, Value. With this component, the user interface of filters you create can now accept unlimited floating-point values – big or small, positive or negative. This ability becomes especially useful with the introduction of new transform and RGB Math components that can accept unlimited numeric values. The screenshot below shows Value components controlling the positions of both gradient endpoints:

Value Control component

Here's how the Value controls from the screenshot above look on the filter's Settings tab. Note the new spinner wheels to the right of the edit boxes – they help you tweak big numbers quickly and easily:

Value controls on the filter's Settings tab

And finally, a tip: holding Shift when using spinner wheels makes them spin ten times faster!

Filter Forge is – by quite a margin – the most powerful plug-in we've looked at here. That's because it's a tool for creating plug-ins, both generative texture-creation tools and effect filters.

Neil Bennett
Digital Arts

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“I do think you guys are likely the best software company I've ever had dealings with.”

Ian Davis
Digital Artist

“I'm thinking Filter Forge should come with a warning: 'This Product could be Habit Forming'.”

Nancy Schober

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