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Filter Forge 2.015 – Bugs Fixed

October 10, 2014

Alexandria, VA, USA (October 10, 2014) – Filter Forge, Inc. today released the update 2.015 to Filter Forge, a Photoshop plugin that allows users to create their own filters. The current update fixes several bugs.

How to update: To download and install the update 2.015, select Tools > Updates from the Filter Forge main menu. The update preserves all downloaded and user-created filters, as well as user settings and the license key. Alternatively, you can download the update manually using these direct links:

For Windows XP to Windows 7: https://www.filterforge.com/download/software/Filter Forge 2 Setup.exe

For Windows 8 and newer: https://www.filterforge.com/download/software/win8/Filter Forge 2 Setup.exe

For Mac OS X: https://www.filterforge.com/download/software/Filter Forge 2 Setup.dmg

About Filter Forge, Inc: Based in Alexandria, VA, Filter Forge, Inc. is a one-product company solely focused on developing Filter Forge. For more information, visit https://www.filterforge.com

List of Updates, Additions and Fixes


  • Minor bugs fixed.

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Filter Forge's amazing node based editor has been invaluable in giving us the power to create textures that make the most of today's real-time pixel shaders.

Karl Wickens
Visual Effects Lead Artist
Electronic Arts

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“For 3D modelers, Filter Forge is a dream come true. It creates seamless textures with a single mouse click. The professional version creates the following map types for any texture: bump, normal, specular strength, specular exponent, diffuse, metallic, and alpha. The same filter can be used to generate any resolution, since filters are procedural.”

Bob Nolin

Filter Forge is an excellent filter creation tool with a strong community spirit that will enhance your Photoshop creations.”

Nick Mead

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