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Filter Forge 4.0 Released, Introduces Folders, Groups and Loops

November 29, 2013

Alexandria, VA, November 29, 2013 – Filter Forge, Inc. today announced the final release of Filter Forge 4.0, an innovative Photoshop plugin allowing computer artists to build their own filters in a visual editor or download over 9800 user-submitted filters from the free online library. This release introduces three major new features: a filter manager that allows users organize their filter collection into folders; a new Loop component for repeating graphic operations; and component grouping that lets filter authors "package" multiple graphic operations into a reusable container.

Filter Forge is a powerful Photoshop plugin and a stand-alone application for Windows and Mac OS X that allows photographers, web designers, 3D modelers and other computer artists to apply over 4700 ready-to-use visual effects to their images, generate over 5000 of unique procedural textures, and create custom filters. There are 3 key features that make Filter Forge stand out among similar tools:

  • A free online library which currently contains over 9800 user-created textures and effects, making Filter Forge instantly useful for anyone who has no time to learn how to create filters. New filters are added every week. All filters are adjustable and resolution independent, and most of them support seamless tiling, real-world HDRI lighting, and can automatically generate diffuse, specular, bump, and normal maps. To view the filters, visit the Filter Library at http://www.filterforge.com/filters/
  • A visual filter editor that allows computer artists to create their own filters by arranging components such as blurs, gradients, color adjustments, distortions, or blends, into a network to combine their effects. For end-users, the filter internals are hidden behind a simple set of controls, so anyone can immediately benefit from filters without having to learn their inner workings.
  • Contributors who submit filters to the online filter library can get a full version of Filter Forge 4.0 for free. A filter that gets popular with the users earns a reward point. Three reward points earn the author a free copy. For more information, visit the reward program page at http://www.filterforge.com/more/freecopy.html

Filter Forge 4.0 introduces three major features: filter manager, component grouping and loops. Filter manager lets users organize their filter collection in a way similar to managing files on a desktop computer: by using folders which can be navigated via a treeview and back / forward buttons. Component grouping allows filter authors "package" parts of the filter tree into reusable components with customizable inputs and parameters. And finally, the new Loop component enables automated, controlled repetition of graphical operations by bringing two key concepts of programming – nested loops and recursions – into a visual environment of Filter Forge, in a way that doesn't require writing any code.

Filter Forge is available for Windows and Mac OS X platforms. It can be used as a stand-alone application or as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and compatible host applications. The free fully-functional 30-day trial version is available at the Filter Forge download page at http://www.filterforge.com/download/

Filter Forge is offered in three differently priced editions targeted at entry-level, mainstream and professional graphic artists. Starting November 29 all editions of Filter Forge 4.0 are offered at a special 70% discount. To buy Filter Forge at a discount, visit the Filter Forge ordering page at http://www.filterforge.com/buy/

About Filter Forge, Inc: Based in Alexandria, VA, Filter Forge, Inc. is a one-product company solely focused on developing Filter Forge. For more information, visit the Filter Forge website at http://www.filterforge.com

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The Filter Forge Watercolor filter is so realistic that it’s scary. It is soooooooo GREAT! Trust me, you definitely need to check this out.

Russell Brown
Senior Creative Director
Adobe Inc.

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“I really like Filter Forge, I seem to find new uses for it constantly. The 2.0 upgrade looks great, HDR will be really welcome.”

Jared Martin
3D and Visual Effects Artist

“I needed rock textures and instead of the usual day it takes me to make one, I was able to make 20! Again – applause to you all.”

David Hoisington

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