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How to switch Anti-Aliasing to "Off" permanently ?

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Hi folks.
Often i set anti-aliasing to "off" for increase render speed, but after click to next filter it's enable again. So, it's possible to set "off" for antialiasing globally (permanently) ?

(FF v6)
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It is a setting stored for every preset. So you can double click the preset, change the antialiasing at the top, and then use the menu drop down to the right to "upd ate prese t". smile:hammer: If you can batch process text (ffxml), then search for "anitaliasing=" and replace values within quotes.
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Yep i understand this. No, unfortunately it's not solution (since such approach reduce the sense of described task of comfort increasing to zero).
Sad that there is no such ability. Xirja but ty for reply anyway.
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