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Water Color Filter?

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The display for Filter Forge includes a quote about the watercolor effect. Where is it? I wish the effects were listed in alphabetical order. Thanks for any help. Much appreciated. Oh and hello to everyone. Sorry about the edge in my voice. I just downloaded the Professional 6 pkg (which I purchased) and am having problems with it.

Hope to get to chat more as a group member.
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There may be several watercolor filters, but I think the one referred to is the Watercolor Painting one by Kochubey: https://filterforge.com/filters/7227.html

Kochubey's Watercolor Frame filter works wonderfully with watercolor and with "normal" images: https://filterforge.com/filters/5335.html
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smile:) Thank you so much.
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You can try my recent filter too.
smile:D smile:D smile:D
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