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What does mean "GF" in a filter name?

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Stöcksjö Sjömyrväg 43
Posts: 2

What does the abbreviation "GF" in name of filters means?
- GF Stained Glass 2
- GF Wireframe Generator v3 by Ghislaine
- GF Kaleidoscope by Ghislaine

Google suggested GirlFriend smile:-)

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Filter Optimizer

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It is just a tag Ghislaine adds to her filter names ("Ghislaines Filters"?). Makes it easy to find them. Just enter "GF" in the searchbox and they all appear smile:-)
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Hi guys

G for Ghislaine and F for my name, so GF are my initials. smile;)

And I'll be back soon with some kind filters
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Stöcksjö Sjömyrväg 43
Posts: 2
thank you!

I thought that it is some graphics/technology name..
So easy was it smile:-)
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