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Barber Pole Candy Cane Ribbon Twister Spiral Coil Cord Cable Braid DNA Decoration Optical Illusion

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Author: jffe

Filter Details

  • Downloads: 1321
  • Submitted: Nov 19, 2010
  • Usage Rank: Low
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Barber Pole Candy Cane Ribbon Twister Spiral Coil Cord Cable Braid DNA Decoration No Room Left Ha-Ha is a *super fast* texture making filter. The designs are all based on a spiral/twist look, and are pretty basic with only half a dozen controls. There are 20 presets to show you what all it can do, and hitting random usually works unless the color is too bright or dark (and the *Darker - Lighter* control is set too far in the same direction), then it looks washed out and you lose the *3-D* kind of look. And the *Dots - Rings* control only works in *Design Mode 2*, otherwise it is irrelevant.


barber pole, candy cane, ribbon, twister, spiral, coil, cord, cable, braid, dna, decoration, carbon fiber, seat cover, optical illusion


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Filter Controls

  • Angle Mode
  • Design Mode
  • Dots - Rings
  • Color
  • Regular - Neon
  • Darker - Lighter
  • Psychedelia