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Raytracing (Texture)

This filter requires Filter Forge 2.0

This filter does not support seamless tiling.


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Author: Egret

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 225
  • Requires Filter Forge 2.0
  • Submitted: Jun 30, 2010
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (11)


This filter implements a simple but functional raytracing-based renderer. In fact, Filter Forge's sampling architecture is very close to raytracers – we also shoot 'rays' into the 'scene', but unlike raytracers where rays extend from a single origin point representing viewer's eye, Filter Forge's 'rays' (called samples) are parallel, and Filter Forge's 'scene' is simply an infinite procedurally textured view-aligned plane while a raytracer can use polygons and procedural geometry.


raytracing lua script scripting


This filter has earned its author one of our rewards. They are given to the authors of popular filters and include a free copy of Filter Forge.

Filter Controls

  • Back Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Floor Color 1
  • Floor Color 2
  • Front Wall
  • Left Wall
  • Right Wall
  • Sphere1 Height
  • Sphere2 Height