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Snake Scales

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Author: Constantin Malkov

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 8854
  • Submitted: Sep 02, 2009
  • Usage Rank: High
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Snake ScalesPossible questions and answers:[1] What is "R.B.M."?R= Reflectivity, B= Reflection Blur, M= Metallic[2] What is "R.B.M. Manual Control"?This control is created in order to save stability for R.B.M. values in the Randomizer.Switched to 0 allows to change R.B.M. values manually.Switched to any value (except 0) uses factory R.B.M. values.[3] "Pattern" and "Color" controls. How and when they work?- Pattern #1: Single color. Controlled by "Color 1".- Pattern #2: Camouflage. Two colors. Conrolled by "Color 1" and "Color 2".- Pattern #3: Camouflage. Three colors. Controlled by "Color 1", "Color 2" and "Color 3".[4] "Random Scales Size" control. How and when it works?If "Scales Form" is switched to "1" it changes randomly scales size.If "Scales Form" is switched to "3" this control changes the current scales form. There are 4 forms are available here.


Snake, Scales, Skin, Reptile, Animal, Pattern, Camouflage, ..


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Filter Controls

  • Scales Form
  • Pattern
  • Color 1
  • Color 2
  • Color 3
  • Random Scales Size
  • Pattern Size
  • Scratches
  • Distortion
  • Dots
  • Skin
  • R.B.M Manual Control
  • Reflectivity
  • Reflection Blur
  • Metallic