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Author: KGtheway2B

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 6277
  • Submitted: Aug 25, 2008
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (39)


Generates realistic rusty girders and trusses both with an without alpha transparency. This filter includes 6 different quality settings:1: does the fastest black and white preview which is ideal for laying out your render2: adds a simple metal texture which is passable for projects not requring a lot of realisim3: adds an additional layer of rust and stains, gracefully borrowed from the excellent angelboii's filters. 4: adds a slight bumpiness to the edges of the truss steel 5: adds some slight reflection 6: adds refraction of the grunge along the angles of the various bars and is the slowest but nicest looking.There are a lot of controls, but they are simple and randomize well. Keep smooth low for better results. To adjust which bars stack on or underneath each other adjust the height sliders. Bars with the same height adjustment will blend into eachother. To hide any of the various features, simply set the height as zero, this will make that feature invisible.


truss, bridge, steel, column, kg, awesome, metal, steel, iron, alpha, span, rusted, grunge, rust, corner, frame, realistic, sci-fi, tech, industrial


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Filter Controls

  • Detail Level
  • Base Color
  • Rust Color
  • Rust Amount
  • Transparent?
  • Border: Size
  • Border: Smooth
  • Cross: Selector
  • Cross: Size
  • Cross: Smooth
  • Corner: Size
  • Corner: Smooth
  • Horizontal Repeats
  • Horizontal: Size
  • Horizontal: Smooth
  • Vertical Repeats
  • Vertical: Size
  • Vertical: Smooth
  • Border: Height
  • Cross: Height
  • Corner: Height
  • Horizontal: Height
  • Vertical: Height