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Pixel Scape™

Pixel Scape™ (Effect)Original Image

This filter requires Filter Forge 4.0


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This is one of over 5964 effects generated by Filter Forge, a Photoshop plugin that allows you to create your own filters.

This effect:

  • can be easily altered;
  • offers up to 30,000 variations;
  • can be applied to any source image in Photoshop.

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Author: Crapadilla

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 9556
  • Requires Filter Forge 4.0
  • Submitted: May 13, 2014
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (53)


Pixel Scape (tm) turns your image into an isometric pixel landscape. A height map - extracted according to the user-specified color model/channel - is used to isometrically extrude and shade the pixels.Color models: (1) HLS, (2) HSB, (3) HSY, (4) Lab, (5) RGBVarious height-modulated color fx can be applied to pixels, including HSL shifts, outline drawing and height fade (now legacy mode only).Tips:- 'LAYERS' directly affects rendertime! Keep it low for previews.- Only activate the slower LEGACY MODE when you need H.Fade!- Use the 'Size, pixels' slider to control the amount of pixelization.- 'OUTLINE Color' controls outline brightness.- Set 'OUTLINE Width' to 0 to disable outlines.- Set 'H.Hue', 'H.Saturation' and 'H.Lightness' to 50 to remove all color variation.- Set 'Roundness' to 50 for completely heightmap controlled pixel corners.


pixel pixelize pixelization isometric isometry extrude 3D mosaic block geometric grid tile square checker quantize


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Filter Controls

  • LAYERS (=Iterations)
  • Color Model
  • Color Channel
  • Invert Channel
  • Density
  • Angle
  • Max Height
  • Chaos
  • Roundness
  • Solid Fill
  • H.Hue
  • H.Saturation
  • H.Lightness
  • H.Fade (Legacy)
  • Solid OUTLINE
  • OUTLINE Color
  • OUTLINE Width