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Soccer Ball Texture

Soccer Ball Texture (Effect)Original Image

This filter requires Filter Forge 3.0

This filter does not support seamless tiling.


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Author: inujima

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 2433
  • Requires Filter Forge 3.0
  • Submitted: Jan 24, 2012
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (17)


This is the filter to make a soccer ball texture and object image.This filter maps images to ordinary soccer ball which consists of pentagons and hexagons by three ways (Tiling, Label, Mapping).– Explanations of some controls –Texture/Ball: This changes texture mode and ball mode.Texture mode outputs a texture image to map to sphere at spherical mapping. At texture mode, if the ratio on height and width is made 1:2, a distortion will be little.Images Only: In using two or more label images, once save as image file using this option, and then load as mapping image and compound other label image. Be careful of settings of a lighting. If it is not appropriate, incorrect colors will be outputted. Preset No.9 is the optimal lighting settings for this purpose.


soccer, ball, handball, sphere, spherical, mapping, object, texture, sport


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Filter Controls

  • Texture/Ball Mode
  • Quick View
  • Images Only
  • Leather Color
  • Multicolor
  • Leather Color2
  • Dirt Opacity
  • Leather Bump Height
  • Surface Swelling
  • Seams Depth
  • Wavy Seams
  • Perspective
  • Reflectivity
  • Show Handle
  • Rotate Y (Cyan)
  • Rotate X (Magenta)
  • Rotate Z (Yellow)
  • Order of Layers
  • #Tiling Image
  • #Source
  • #Masking Type
  • #Tiling Type
  • #Scale
  • #Source Rotation
  • #Pattern Rotation
  • #Swirling
  • #Mirror
  • #Repeat
  • *Label Image
  • *Source
  • *Scale
  • *Show Handle
  • *Heading (red)
  • *Pitch (green)
  • *Bank (blue)
  • *Auto Snap
  • %Mapping Image
  • %Source
  • %Masking Type