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Terrain Generator

Terrain Generator (Texture)

This filter requires Filter Forge 3.0


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  • get a normal map for a 3D model.

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Author: Orteil

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 3656
  • Requires Filter Forge 3.0
  • Submitted: Dec 12, 2011
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (9)


3D terrain generation made easy ! Automatically churn out huge tracts of land with grassy heights, twisty rivers and wicked bodies of water ! Tilt the view, rotate it; it's like a small 3D world in a render box ! Add some focal blur ! Hell, add some cities ! Make the water bright pink ! Go crazy !


planet world map terrain 3D bump smudge mountain river sea ocean city cities water grass tile RTS game space


This filter has earned its author one of our rewards. They are given to the authors of popular filters and include a free copy of Filter Forge.

Filter Controls

  • Soil color
  • Grass color
  • Water color
  • Sky color
  • Sea level
  • Flat water ?
  • Terrain type
  • Grass amount
  • Cities amount
  • One tile
  • Bump it up !
  • Perspective
  • Rotation
  • Focal blur
  • Shadows (slow)
  • Anti-aliasing (slow)