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Super Nano Fibre

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To open this filter, you must have Filter Forge 3.0 or higher installed on your computer. If you don't have it installed yet, click here to download Filter Forge

Author: OnlyOneKenobi

Filter Details

  • Downloads: 2320
  • Requires Filter Forge 3.0
  • Submitted: Nov 28, 2011
  • Usage Rank: High
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This filter was inspired by the Crysis Nanosuit and the texturing on the Spider-Man costume in the Sam Raimi movies. It can be used to texture a video game or cgi character.


nanosuit, costume, futuristic, battlesuit, crysis, techno, fiber, spider-man, nanites, hexagon, patterns, tile, cyber, war, superhero, texture


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Filter Controls

  • Colour
  • Nano Glow Colour
  • Nano Glow
  • Glow Mode
  • Membrane Width
  • Repeat H
  • Repeat V
  • Invert
  • Secondary Fibers
  • Variation 01
  • Variation 02