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Ornamented Ball

Ornamented Ball (Texture)

This filter requires Filter Forge 3.0

This filter does not support seamless tiling.


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Author: inujima

Filter Details

  • Editor's Pick
  • Downloads: 6093
  • Requires Filter Forge 3.0
  • Submitted: Dec 14, 2011
  • Usage Rank: High
  • Comments (45)


– Explanations of some controls –Texture/Ball: This changes texture mode and ball mode.Texture mode outputs a texture image to map to sphere at spherical mapping. At texture mode, if the ratio on height and width is made 1:2, a distortion will be little.Quick View: When changing the form of a pattern, it is good to check this checkbox.This checkbox acts only at Ball Mode.Real Bump : When this checkbox is on, shape of sphere is modified with height of metal overlay.Tiling Mode: This chooses method of mapping of patterns to ball.(1-Tetrahedron, 2-Hexahedron, 3-Octahedron, 4-Dodecahedron, 5-Icosahedron )Shape XXXX: They are sliders for adjusting patterns.Stone Type: At present, there are only two kinds. This checkbox acts only at Ball Mode.


ball, sphere, spherical, mapping, texture, ornament, stone, christmas, decoration, object, 3D


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Filter Controls

  • Texture / Ball
  • Quick View
  • Real Bump (Slow)
  • Tiling Mode
  • Shape Correction
  • Shape Scale
  • Shape Repeat
  • Shape Swirling
  • Shape Offset H
  • Shape Offset V
  • Stone Color
  • Metal Color
  • Stone Type
  • Stone Texture
  • Texture Opacity
  • Stone Reflectivity
  • Rotate Ball (X-axis)
  • Rotate Ball (Y-axis)