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Full 64-bit support

After years of code rewriting we are excited to bring you a full 64-bit version to offer gains in performance and stability! With 64-bit systems now being commonplace, Filter Forge users on both Windows and Mac should be able to process larger images than the 32-bit version can handle.

The most immediate benefit of the 64-bit version is being able to address more than 4 GB of RAM. Our legacy memory manager was only able to access 1.5 GB or memory. It was more than enough when we started Filter Forge development in early 2000s but this limitation has severely hampered performance on modern computers. The new 64-bit Filter Forge has access to all of your RAM – we won't hit the theoretical limit of 16 billion gigabytes any time soon. If you need to render large images or receive memory allocation errors, the 64-bit version is likely to improve your experience.

We're offering the 64-bit version to users of Windows 7/macOS X 10.8 and above. The Mac version is fully rewritten leveraging the modern Cocoa API: not only it is able to utilize a larger amount of memory but is also more stable.

We ship a 32-bit and a 64-bit version in a single installer: both will be installed on a 64-bit OS. You may still need the 32-bit version to use Filter Forge as a plugin under an old 32-bit host application. There are no functional differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit Filter Forge versions.

64-bit version is being able to address more than 4 GB of RAM

The Filter Forge Watercolor filter is so realistic that it’s scary. It is soooooooo GREAT! Trust me, you definitely need to check this out.

Russell Brown
Senior Creative Director
Adobe Inc.

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Filter Forge is an excellent filter creation tool with a strong community spirit that will enhance your Photoshop creations.”

Nick Mead

“I needed rock textures and instead of the usual day it takes me to make one, I was able to make 20! Again – applause to you all.”

David Hoisington

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