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New Component: Map Switch Component

Filter Forge 5.0 introduces a new component that allows you to switch subtrees based on a mappable Selector input:

Map Switch.ffxml

The main reason for the introduction of this component is related to the new Bomber Plus component . The key benefit of Bomber Plus is support for multiple types of particles via slave components. The obvious implementation of multiple particle types is to assemble several particle subtrees and switch between them per particle using the Randomizer slave component.

But there's a little caveat: The output type of all slave components is green (map), and the Selector input of the existing Switch component is gray (value). Since green outputs cannot be connected to gray inputs, you simply cannot plug a Randomizer into the Selector input of the old Switch.

The solution is to convert the selector input of a switch component into a map input. The new Map Switch component does exactly that: its function is the same as that of the old Switch component, but its Selector input accepts connections from map components:


Map Switch is fully general – it's not limited to use with Bomber Plus or within slave-to-master subtrees in general, so you can use it wherever you please. Here are a couple examples:

Radial Rainbow.ffxml


Filter Forge's amazing node based editor has been invaluable in giving us the power to create textures that make the most of today's real-time pixel shaders.

Karl Wickens
Visual Effects Lead Artist
Electronic Arts

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