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Support for Multiple Source Images

In previous Filter Forge versions, you could only use a single source image or a Photoshop layer, which was one of Filter Forge's biggest limitations. Starting with version 3.0, Filter Forge allows you to use multiple source images:

Multiple Source Images

How It Works?

Essentially, the support for multiple external images in Filter Forge 3.0 is implemented by allowing you to load images into Color Controls and the newly introduced Grayscale Controls via the filter interface.

In order to allow that, we've redesigned Filter Forge's control components. Previously, all our control components were uniform: they all were grey-colored, had remappers, could be connected to any input except Required, and could output only numbers.

The new control components are separated by their output type, just as other components. In Filter Forge 3.0, there are green (Map) control components that output images, gray (Numeric) control components that output numbers, and blue (Curve) control components that produce curves (which will be released in future betas). The picture below shows the new Color and Grayscale Controls in the Filter Editor:

Control Components that Output Images

As the screenshot above suggests, a filter can load as many external images as there are Map controls. By default, the new control components don't accept images, but you can easily configure that in their properties:

Loading External Image

It is important to understand that Filter Forge does not store or embed the external image in the filter itself – all it stores is a reference to the external image specified by its filename and path.

Also, filters containing references to external images cannot be submitted to the online filter library Рthey will be rejected by the Submit Wizard. To submit filters that use multiple images, you will have to replace all references to external images with references to Filter Forge’s new built-in preview images.

Filter Forge's amazing node based editor has been invaluable in giving us the power to create textures that make the most of today's real-time pixel shaders.

Karl Wickens
Visual Effects Lead Artist
Electronic Arts

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