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Questions from a filter maker...

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I have a couple questions that may seem silly, but some answers may help me get myself going again (and in the right direction this time).

First, are there any filters in my library that anyone would like to see updated?
Most of them were made quite a while ago on an old computer.
Some of them are not very good at all, and others are ok at best.
I'm either going to update some of them, or request they be removed.

Second, I'm sitting on folder upon folder of filters I've made (or started to make) in the time since the first beta. Everything from textures to image effects to objects, games, and other stupid stuff. I don't know how good they are, but I have lots of them. I have no real idea what types of things to upload. That's been a big part of why my filter page looks the way it does. I'd like to hear some advice on v1 filters that would be worth uploading. There are so many in the library now... many of them are really amazing... what's still needed? It almost seems too late now, but there's got to be some stuff I have that's worth adding. I'd wait until v2 and add them then, but I don't even know if I'll be getting that right away or not.

Some help would really be appreciated here.
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Maybe you could add a bit to that one, seems like a fairly useful one really, but more variety might help it reach HU status. smile:)

Filter Forger
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Posts: 395
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Thanks, jffe.
I already have an updated version of that one somewhere in my folders.
I'll dig it out and submit it.

It's starting to look like I just took to long to get back here.
With v2 around the corner I don't know if I have a chance of another v1 HU.
I'll submit a few more and see what happens though.
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