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Color correcting old slides

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Haras Arch
Hara's Crown
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I recently got access to a bunch of older family slides (30 to 50 years old). Some of the slides were done with Agfa film and it looks like they have gotten "blue" with age, and some of the Kodak (maybe) ones look like they have shifted toward red. (I'll have a slide scanner soon and can tell better what color problems have developed once I've digitized them.)

Can anyone suggest filters to use to color correct the old slides? Or other ways to fix them -- if it is possible to correct the problems.
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I used the key words color correction scanned slides to generate the results below. You can probably get a procedure for just about any photo editing software by adding it as a keyword.
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Indigo Ray

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It might be easier to use a "normal" photo editing software, like Photoshop or GIMP or the like, but you could use Filter Forge if you want. Color balance and tone curve are your friends. You could save time by batch-processing all the scans with the same color shift, or adjust each photo manually, up to you. There's no "correct" result; There's a certain charm to color imbalances in older photographs.
...or something like that.
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Haras Arch
Hara's Crown
Posts: 221
Both of you, thank you so much for taking the time to reply on a holiday weekend! I was thinking of using Filter Forge to do the color correcting -- and I think there are some filters that could do a fine job of shifting the color in the way described in some of the articles that chrisd suggested looking for -- but I'll also think about how to do it in other programs.

I do think I'll have to do each slide individually because each one may need personal attention to get it right.
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Colorado USA

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YouTube videos might help too. smile:)
"Art really can have a purpose."
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