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Wrong platform

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Unfortunately I just bought FF7 but wrong platform! smile:cry: Had trial version of FF7 and thought it was so good that I wanted to buy it. I have only a Mac computer and of course the Mac trial version worked beautifully before. In my hurry I didn't read that the version I bought was Windows platform! smile:evil: Now of course the license key doesn't work. smile:evil: Have I now wasted all my money, or is there a way to still make it work on my Mac? Any suggestions would be welcomed, even if it is a hack as I'm feeling pretty gutted at the mo. smile:cry: Thanks in advance.
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Just use the contact tab at the top right of the webpage.....I am just a user/filter creator btw... smile;) smile:)
Stupid things happen to computers for stupid reasons at stupid times!
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Thanks very much, Filter Forge has rectified the prob straightaway, I'm super happy it was fixed so quickly smile:)
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