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How to install FF7 in PSE 8?

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I have successfully installed FF7 in PS CC 2015.5 on my Win 7 Prof x64 bit laptop.

I also have Photoshop Elements 8 on the same laptop and FF6 works fine with PSE 8.

I have the 3 month sub plan and used the emailed license key FF7 installer. In the past, it automatically installed FF on PSE 8, but this time it only listed PS CC 2015.5 as an option to install.

I opened PSE, opened Filter Forge 6 and tried to enter the new license key from FF7, but it says "License key invalid format"

Is there another way to install FF7 in PSE 8?
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The recommended way is to use copy-paste, so you can apply a filter and quickly paste the result back into PSE.

You can also copy the FF plugin files into your PSE plugin folder manually - but it is no longer officially supported.
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