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I don't know if anybody had this trouble, anyway I write it, followed by the solution.

Until yesterday, like many people here, I had Filter Forge 6 and Filter Forge 7 Beta installed in my computer.

Few days ago I updated Firefox to the last version.

Yesterday I deleted Filter Forge 6 and registered Filter Forge 7.
The program was ok and everything was going perfectly, except that..... when I went to open some filter from the online library, Firefox did not find the filter.

The first thing I tried was clearing history & cookies, closing the browser, restarting Windows. But it didn't work.

Then, I thought to check if the problem was the browser or the library.
I tried Firefox portable (older version), Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera, and they all correctly open the filters. So it was clear that the problem was not about the library, but about the new version of Firefox.

I remembered of a similar problem that happened before.
After an update, Firefox stopped to use Filter Forge as default program to open the filters.
And I guessed that also this time the problem could be the same.

This is what I did :

1. I opened Firefox. I clicked "Tools" --> "Options".
2. In the new menu, I went to check "Applications".
3. Under "filterforge" ---> "Action" it reported "Use Filter Forge", but there was no Filter Forge icon on the side of the words.

Firefox associated the filters with FF6.
After I deleted FF6, Firefox was not finding FF6 anymore.
Instead to ask me what other program to use to open the filters (like all other browsers did, even the older version of Firefox itself), simply didn't open them.
smile:evil: smile:evil: smile:evil:

Then I clicked on the side of "filterforge", browsed FF7 and added FF7 as default program to open the filters, as you can see in my picture.
Everything went fine.

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