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Combining Images

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Haras Arch
Hara's Crown
Posts: 221
I want to combine a texture produced with FF (or a texture I created in another program) and a black and white sketch. Basically, I want the texture to be the background for the sketch.

I've just gone through all the filters that showed up when I searched the library for "combine" and didn't find any that produced the effect that I wanted.

There are filters that will put a texture behind a sketch (Skritch, for example, will do a really good job of putting a linen texture back there, and there are several that will do a nice charcoal effect). But I want to pick my own texture to put back there.

Any suggestions for filters to try? Or should I try to modify a filter so that it allows me to input other filters in the background?
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Kevin Worth

Posts: 41
Filters: 12
Modify the filter using filter editor, and replace the texture used with your own. I do that kind of thing all the time. As long as the texture isn't copyrighted and you have made it yourself, you should be able to submit it to the library. Good Luck
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Haras Arch
Hara's Crown
Posts: 221
Thank you for the suggestion, but two of the filters that I think do a really good job seem to be using Perlin noise to get the nice effect:

Chalk and Charcoal

The Skritch
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