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Haras Arch
Hara's Crown
Posts: 221
I am certain that there used to be a page on the FF website listing software that was compatible with Filter Forge and I can't find it. Does anybody have a list still?

Also, is Clip Studio Paint compatible in any way with FF? I don't have the software, but am curious about trying it. I'm also just starting to experiment with Krita.
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Filter Forge, Inc
Posts: 2875
The page is still where it has always been:

I'm afraid I don't know anything about Clip Studio Paint or Krita.
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Haras Arch
Hara's Crown
Posts: 221
Thank you so much -- for some reason I was looking under "More" instead of downloads.

I can't figure out yet how to get Paint.net to interact with FF's filters, but I'll keep trying to learn.
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