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So when do I get my free upgrades!!!! (Be advised)

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Craig Nisbet
Craig Nisbet
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So I made a whole bunch of filter for the library, enough get the 5 high download bonus credits. With these credits, I picked the Free Upgrades for Life option as a reward. If you don't believe me do a search in the library for "Craig Nisbet". Those filters represent a lot of work. Since then, I have been offered NO free upgrades. They say they'll send you an e-mail about upgrade, but NOOOO, but I get paided upgrade e-mails alright. I've email support twice about this issue and never got a response.

Thanks Filter Forge, You Suck!
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First congratulations for having 5 rewards for your filters

If I understand correctly, you have already asked for the lifetime membership for filter forge that will give you free Upgrades when they are released

I have also made the the same as you 2 years ago (with 5 rewards), and in all this time I just got only two emails, one with he confirmation of my lifetime membership and the other much time later when FF 6.0 was released with the new free key license

Why? Because FIlter Forge will only send you the free update when there is a new official new number release, so you will not get any free upgrade until FF 7.0 is finally released, unless you do not own already FF 6.0


What FF version do you own now?

Did you get any email about the requested reward of the lifetime membership?

When did you request it?
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2D/3D Generalist

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Looks like FilterForge's email server isn't getting to you. I've had email issues from FF support a couple times myself. You totally deserve the rewards.
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Filter Forge, Inc
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The next Filter Forge version is under development. Why are you expecting to receive it now? You are not the only one who is waiting for it.

Also, the support team says all your request have been replied to. Please check your spam box instead of accusing everyone.
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